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“How Did Jeff Go from Homeless Insurance Salesman to Making $4000 a Day- While Living in His Brother-In-Law’s Basement?”


I used to think selling insurance was hard. Working long tough hours away from my family-just to barely cover our household bills. I thought my job stunk- until I got fired! Then I was in a whole new world of hurt.

I ended up loosing my car, my house and ultimately my entire savings disappeared into vapor. Me, my wife and our 3 kids were forced to move in with my Sister- and her husband- in their basement!

I was at absolute rock-bottom. So I figured this was the perfect time to start my own business.  I purchased dozens of work-from-home, mail-order and other get-rich-quick opportunities. Most were junk- but I finally found one that worked.

In just a few weeks- starting with virtually nothing (remember- I was homeless), I started earning $4000 a week… then $4000 a day. These days, I enjoy telling people how I went from homeless to MILLIONAIRE. If you’d like to hear of my story… read below and you’ll be amazed.


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Listen up – if you’re sick and tired of so called opportunities that only make the people selling them rich… then you’re going to like what you hear today.. And here’s why…

Just a few years ago- I was where you are today- I was responding to various business opportunity advertisements in an effort to make some money to feed my family…

And if you’re having the same luck with the business opportunities that I had… when they finally arrive in the mail— you’re usually let down- because most of the stuff these bandits sell is pure junk…

Look- I’m going to risk sounding corny… and maybe even risk being called a b.s.-er… but back when I was living in my sister’s basement- when my wife and kids went to sleep- I used to pray every night… I’d ask the Lord to give me the “secret” to making money. I told him that if he ever helped me discover the secret… I would return the favor by sharing it with as many people as I could.


I would help every person- even those
living in a basement- like I was at the time.

A few weeks later- the Lord answered my prayer and led me to the “secret” that would eventually put me on easy street. The rest is history. Within a few weeks, we moved out of the basement- purchased a new house- bought new car- went on a much-needed vacation- got health insurance, etc.

OK- seriously… how much money can you make using my discovery?

Obviously it depends on you- but I wouldn’t say $4000 a week is unrealistic.

Keep at it- and that $4000 a week can very well become $4000 a day.

Trust me- You can do a lot with $4000 a day.

But great money aside- you’re going to love the lifestyle my discovery provides…

It takes just about an hour a day- which you can do from anywhere in the world… and after you invest that one hour a day… you’re done. Go puts around the yard… go take a nap… do whatever you want. 

But before you start trying to figure out what my discovery is… let me tell you what it is not…

It’s not MLM- or network marketing- heavens no…
It’s not becoming an affiliate for some internet website…
It has nothing to do with the internet at all to be honest with you…
It has nothing to do with traditional mail-order
It has nothing to do with placing tiny little classified ads…
It has nothing to do with illegal pyramid schemes…
It’s not about the forex- or any stock trading deals at all,
It’s not about real estate or foreclosures
It’s not about free money from the government…
It’s not about anything you may have heard of before…

What I can tell you about my discovery- is that you can start from scratch- and spend about an hour a day at it, and you can realistically start making more money than most ultra-successful doctors and lawyers make. So much for a fancy degree- huh?

What I cherish about my discovery besides the money- is the fact that I can spend my life living it the way I want to. 

I can take my family on vacation- and not worry about money

I can buy anything me or my loved ones desire- and not worry about money 

You name it.. and I can do it…

But I’m going to stop there- as the last thing I want to do is start sounding like some of the business opportunity bandits selling dreams but delivering lumps of coal. 

My discovery is different- and I want to prove it to you.

Now- my discovery is real simple to understand- but not simple enough to go over on this message… so what I did was sit down for over 6 hours and describe my discovery on 6 full-length cds. 

I call this program “12 months to a million” 

Why did I call this program 12 months to a million?

Simple- $4000 a day is $20,000 a week and $20,000 a week is $1 Million annually. …

But wait just a second… I do not want you to get the idea I’m asking you to spend any money for this course today- heavens no. I want to send you this course free- for an entire month- so you can listen to it in the privacy of your own home and see what it’s all about.

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